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Kylie and the Machine

'Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned' Labels

'Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned' Labels

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Be encouraged that with every mistake made, there's a lesson to be learned - and you've now learned it! Ain't that the truth for those trickier projects.  Use these new labels as a badge of honour, because you're up-skilling every time and that is seriously amazing. Go team! 

Included in this pack:

6 labels per pack (3 x Side Seam + 3 x Vertical End Fold)

These are "end fold" and "side seam" labels.

End fold labels are ideally sewn onto the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by top stitching each end.  The Side seam labels are ideally sewn into the seam allowance, typically on the outside of the garment.

Images supplied by Kylie & The Machine

Designed by Kylie and the Machine in Australia. Made in China.


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