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Japanese "Link Link" - DIY Chain for Bag Making

Japanese "Link Link" - DIY Chain for Bag Making

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So I really can't even explain why I like these so much and why they jumped out at me from the Japanese Kokka catalog. I just needed to have them for the shop. I think they will add a really special kawaii moment to anything handmade.

These "link links" can be used to form a decorative chain which can be attached to a strap for bag making / purse making / tote making etc. 

Pattern pairings: Nicola Bag by SewBakeMake, Edgewood Sling by Bethany Lynne Makes, All Well Bucket Bag by All Well Workshop, Banana Bag by TropicalResearch

Product Info:

-Imported from Japan

-100% acrylic

-Ombre (grey and pink/orange): sold in a pack of 4

-Tortuoise and yellow: sold in a pack of 5

-Each piece is 24 mm by 39 mm (approx 0.9" x 1.5")

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