How I "Sew on the Go"

How I "Sew on the Go"

If you follow my Instagram, you may know that I just attended LA Textile, a textile sourcing event, so that I could find new suppliers for the shop. I also met with my deadstock fabric supplier in LA and found some amazing gems to add to the shop. They still have to ship the fabrics to me but these should make their way to the online shop soon!

I rely on sewing to be my calming downtime activity and that doesn't change when I travel. Honestly I would pack up my whole sewing machine if I could. I honestly thought about bringing my machine on this trip - knowing that I'd have some down time in the evenings. But my trip was only a couple days long and that seemed like a lot of effort. Instead, I did what I usually do which is bring a cutting project along. I actually had just signed up to be a pattern tester for the new Matchy Matchy Sewing Club Perfect Puff Sleeve Top and the deadline is coming up quick so I really needed to bring that project along so I could keep up!

I decided to check my tiny suitcase at the airport so I could bring my sharp fabric scissors. I stayed in a hotel and they provided an iron and ironing board which made this project very easy to pack for. I ironed my fabric which was rumpled from traveling and used the hotel room desk as my cutting table. I used scissors and pins and was careful not to damage the table. 

Cutting project packing list: 

-Uncut paper pattern (I use a local printer called Central Print in Springfield, OR so I can avoid taping the pieces together)

-paper scissors


-flower head pins (or any pins suitable for your fabric)

-fabric scissors

-fabric marking pen with disappearing ink 

I brought along 2 yards of our gorgeous Island Life linen from Merchant & Mills to cut my Matchy Matchy Sewing Club Perfect Puff Sleeve Top with (pattern currently in testing). Even though the pattern is in testing, I was confident that my tester version would be wonderful and would be deserving of a high end fabric since Matchy Matchy puts out such amazing patterns. I have made 3 pairs of their Weekend Chore Shorts pattern and with the simple silhouette of the Perfect Puff Sleeve Top, I knew it would be a win. I am making the version with a button down front and still need to pick my buttons from the shop.

I like to organize my work into stations to reduce the chaos so I hung the cut pieces on the back of the chair and folded up the used pattern pieces and set them on the chair as well. The pieces that needed to be cut hung out on the bed and I ironed the fabric before cutting. 

When packing for a roadtrip, I have been known to pack 2-3 cutting projects since packing space is more abundant than while flying. I try not to tote my sewing machine around because it's a lot of work to set up but if I were to travel for a week or more, I'd definitely consider it. Sewing is such an important part of my self-care and I don't drink (3.5+ years sober over here) so it's nice to bring myself a little fun/self care for the evenings when I travel.

The Love to Sew podcast has a great episode and post about sewing while traveling. 

I also brought a personal copy of the latest Tauko magazine which is all about sewing and traveling and I read it on the plane and was daydreaming about making this cool boxy jumper/vest that's on the cover. This pattern would be perfect for those quilted cotton jacquard remnants that we typically have in the sale section. It has tie sides and a quilted body with bias tape finishes. 

How do you fit in sewing when you travel?

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