Sewing with Oasis Night Viscose

Sewing with Oasis Night Viscose

I was immediately drawn to our Oasis Night Viscose from Atelier Brunette - I love that it's printed on a navy background and features primary colors so it feels really versatile and easy to wear but at the same time, the print feels like a party. 

I decided to make the Amy Jumpsuit by Closet Core (sizing up to a 48 inch hip) pattern to highlight the beautiful drape of this fabric. I made a straight size 8 which I chose based on my bust measurement. I am pear shaped and my hips are usually 2-3 sizes larger than my bust but the pattern instructions suggested to just go with the bust size and do a straight size because the hips have a lot of ease. If you span more than 3 sizes, they recommend grading between sizes for the bust and the hip. 

I am 5'10" and most of my length is in my torso so I made up a quick muslin but just did the legs as shorts to make it quicker to put together. Based on my muslin fitting, I knew to add 3.5 inches to the torso length and I also added a half inch of length to the inseam, just to be safe. 

Sewing with this viscose was actually pretty easy! It is not as slippery as other viscose fabrics and is fairly stable. I just recommend using a lot of pins as it will slip around a bit more than a super stable cotton or linen. 

Trying on my garment before doing the lining and the straps. I didn't have to adjust the straps at all. 

The finished jumpsuit!

This fabric is an absolute dream to wear, especially in this gorgeous flowy pattern. The drape is just perfect for these wide legs and this piece will be on heavy rotation for me this summer. 

Find Oasis Night Viscose in the shop here. 

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Did you know viscose is thee most caustic, earth damaging type of fabric on the market? It’s expensive to make. But pollute our environment, please don’t use it anymore. Very unhealthy!
Fluid + Drape replied:
Hello R. Moylan,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is true that viscose is not the most sustainable fabric – personally my favorite substrate is linen but it’s not always affordable and as linen prices have gotten out of control due to soaring global demand, it has become out of reach for a lot of sewists. I think viscose is a better alternative to polyester and other fibers made from petroleum since its made from wood pulp and I do recognize that the production processes aren’t always kind to the environment but I try to provide options in my shop so I can let consumers decide based on their budget and preferences. I do only stock Atelier Brunette viscose because they claim to have better production practices than other viscose suppliers. This a note from the supplier of this fabric, Atelier Brunette, about this specific fabric:

The Atelier Brunette “Oasis” viscose fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and woven from Lenzing™️ EcoVero™️ certified fibers. This viscose is free of harmful substances and the manufacturing cycle has been optimized to drastically reduce the environmental impact compared to traditional viscose.

Thank you again for your note – I am always trying to do better but I do want to make sustainability more affordable and approachable so I won’t shame any sewists for their choices. I do hope to continue sourcing fabrics that are sustainable yet still affordable and come in a variety of textures and drapes.

Best, Bethany

R. Moylan

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