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Fluid + Drape

Cherry Wine Corduroy - Deadstock

Cherry Wine Corduroy - Deadstock

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This deadstock corduroy is the most glorious and inexplicable color. It's somewhere between a deep brown and burgundy and is super dark and rich. Featuring a soft velvety hand and a medium-stiff drape, this deadstock corduroy would make the dreamiest pants, jackets, and overalls. There are about 15 wales per inch (meaning ribs per inch) so it's a somewhere between standard and mini in terms of corduroy ribs (some corduroys have jumbo ribs and some of mini ribs). 

Deadstock. Not reorderable. 

Tag your makes with #fluidplusdrape to share your creativity. 

Recommended Patterns: Den Jacket by Chalk and NotchMakers Overshirt by Matchy Matchy Sewing ClubCoe Trousers by Daughter JudyThe Harlene by Merchant & Mills

  • Content: Cotton
  • Width: 60"
  • Weight: Midweight
  • Color: "Cherry Wine" a deep brown ish burgundy with berry undertones
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry
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