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Pigeon Wishes

Beguiled Button Set (0.59" Shirting Size)

Beguiled Button Set (0.59" Shirting Size)

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The stark black splashes against a soft brown and a lilac. This button is for those going into or are fully into their Purple Era.

The Beguiled button looks stunning against all shades of Purple. A button that can hold its own due to its stark nature but also surprisingly warm. We’ve also paired this button with Browns and dark colors and the Beguiled button really brings something a bit magic.

Sold in a pack of 15 buttons. 

Diameter: 0.59" or 15mm

Material: bio resin

Care: Wash on cold, do not bleach, do not use alkaline laundry detergent. 

Imported from the UK. Made by Pigeon Wishes.



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